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"USCS IT is constantly evolving to meet customer needs for storage, transportation, logistics, and tracking. Every advancement we make is designed to create efficiency, ensure food safety, make sure our client’s products are always where they need to be."

- Srini Gudipati, VP Information Technology


eUSCOLD: Customer Online Portal

eUSCOLD is our proprietary, secure customer portal for real-time inventory status and order tracking across our entire enterprise.

eUSCOLD fully integrates with our WMS and TMS systems, giving customers 24/7 access to inventory details, shipment status, order placement and custom on-demand reports.

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Warehouse Management System

Our WMS is a proprietary, customer-centric application designed to accommodate any type of customer's business requirements.

USCS started rolling out its brand new WMS which will be called eWM. eWM was built on a cutting edge, platform-independent technology and a centralized database to offer a broader spectrum of advanced features, support USCS' business growth and position our warehouses to be competitive and technology-driven.


Advanced Capabilities Include:

• Business Intelligence
• RFID Tracking
• Direct Store Delivery
• Voice Directed

• Repack
• Labor Management System
• Accommodates Plant Attached Warehousing
• Improved User Experience

• Shortened last-mile delivery times
• Traceability
• Fast turnaround
• Increased labor efficiency

Transportation Management System

USCS uses MercuryGate, a world-class, single-platform, and multimodal transportation management system enables our business to make rapid decisions with confidence. The TMS software offers an ability to procure, plan, optimize, execute and settle freight movements with full control-tower visibility. Its system architecture makes it easier to integrate with our financial ERP system and proprietary WMS system. It augments carrier experience by on-boarding them faster using its embedded EDI solutions.

Yard Management System

USCS’s yard management system (YMS) is a software system designed to oversee the movement of trucks and trailers in the yard of our warehouses.

YMS provides real-time information on the location of trailers in the yard and allows yard employees to move trailers from staging to docks to fill orders in an efficient manner.


Taskmaster is a proprietary, one of a kind technology application designed to manage the tasks for the warehouse operators.

Taskmaster takes the warehouse activity information entered, organizes it, and creates the most efficient workflow.


To meet the needs of today’s market and obtain a competitive advantage, we continue to make advancements in autonomous vehicles, computer controlled cranes, and smart conveyors.

Our proprietary system offers the flexibility for an easier integration with any automation technology solutions.



Electronic Data Interchange allows us to share and receive information in a variety of different formats so you can get information quickly, efficiently, and securely whenever you need it.

USCS’s in-house EDI solutions and business-savvy talent offer greater flexibility and agility to seamlessly integrate with its customers’ ERP systems. USCS supports over 30 warehouse and transportation documents.



Drivers who use COLDKey enjoy faster access through the gate. This helps keep turnaround times fast and industry-leading.

COLDKey allows drivers to check-in using the smartphone hours before arriving at a warehouse location and generates a barcode that can be scanned at the gate eliminating the manual entry and resulting in faster access.


Resilience and Security

Multiple levels of redundancy meet the highest standards including real-time replication, backups, and uptime.

USCS’s robust cyber security posture protect the intellectual property of its employees and customers.