At United States Cold Storage, our commitment to safety is paramount, setting industry standards and ensuring the integrity of a wide array of food products in our advanced cold warehouses. Employing rigorous safety protocols and cutting-edge technology, we safeguard both our customers’ food and our dedicated team, embodying excellence as a core value in our service.

Our multitude of safety programs reflect our steadfast dedication to upholding the highest standards of protection. These initiatives are not just procedures, but are fundamental to ensuring the well-being of our team, the integrity of our products, and the trust of our customers.

It’s our belief that a proactive approach to safety underscores our commitment to operational excellence and the values we uphold every day.

Grand Prix
Innovator's Grand Prix
Our annual safety challenge, which motivates each facility to focus on safety initiatives. Each warehouse participates and earns points for engaging in occupational safety, food safety, health, process safety, security, and sustainability.
Food Safety
BRCGS certification is pivotal in food safety, setting rigorous standards that ensure product integrity, build consumer trust, and promote industry best practices.
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Facility Safety
Warehouse safety at a cold storage facility is paramount, as it ensures the protection of both employees and products against the unique challenges posed by low-temperature environments.
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Crisis Management
Our in depth Crisis Management Program (CMP) includes each facility maintaining an Emergency Action Plan, Emergency Response Plan, Business Continuity Plan and Crisis Communication Plan. Each of these plans meets or exceeds best in class safety standards.
In the cold storage industry, we hold two treasures close to our hearts: the integrity of the food we store and the safety of the people who make it all possible. Every chilled shelf and frozen aisle is a testament to our commitment. Because when food remains untainted, and our people remain unharmed, we know we’ve done right by the trust placed in us.

Lisa Battino
VP, Safety & Compliance

Our culture and safety-valued environment empowers our Cold Crew members to be proactive in the elimination and management of hazards to protect themselves, those around them, customers, and communities.