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United States Cold Storage is driven to advance, innovate, and serve companies seeking the best service, facilities, and logistics in the cold chain industry.


As industry leaders, we provide unparalleled cold storage solutions and logistics services, positioning ourselves at the forefront of the cold chain. Our innovative technology and cutting-edge infrastructure ensure optimal product preservation and efficient distribution. But what truly sets us apart is our people. Our dedicated team, with their relentless spirit and innovative minds, propels us to excellence.


Our state-of-the-art cold storage facilities set the industry standard. Every facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology, optimal product preservation safety standards for storage, and highly skilled cold crew members caring for our customers’ products. Each facility is designed with precision, adhering to the highest quality and safety standards to maintain product integrity.


At the forefront of ensuring the safe transport of refrigerated and frozen goods, our logistics and transportation solutions prioritize precision, reliability, and efficiency. Recognizing the pivotal role of consolidation, we meticulously streamline our operations to optimize load capacities, reduce transportation costs, and enhance the overall sustainability of the supply chain.



Spanning from coast to coast and equipped with diverse automation technologies, our temperature-controlled warehouses stand prepared to meet your storage and distribution needs.

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Leveraging precision, reliability, and efficiency, our logistics and consolidated transportation solutions optimize cold chain operations, ensuring safe, cost-effective, and sustainable delivery of your goods from origin to destination.

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Our commitment to excellence is reflected not only in our selection of skilled professionals but also in our ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring that our team is equipped to handle every customer’s unique needs with the utmost proficiency and care.

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Tune into our podcast, The ColdCast, dedicated exclusively to the innovations within the cold chain industry. The ColdCast platform enables us to share our extensive knowledge and experience, engage with experts and thought leaders, and foster a community aimed at driving continuous improvement and setting new standards of excellence in cold chain management.

SEASON 2 of the ColdCast is available now! Dr. Anna Johnson, DBA, VP Corporate Development, Marketing, & PMO and Mickey Hoffmann, EVP Commercial Strategy and Development talk about the status of the cold chain and our role as #BestinCold in warehousing, automation, transportation and customer growth.


Dr. Anna Johnson, VP of Marketing, Corporate Development, and PMO at United States Cold Storage, speaks with Edward Russell, Sr. Project Specialist at US Cold.
Dr. Anna Johnson, VP of Marketing, Corporate Development, and PMO at United States Cold Storage, speaks with Brian Murphy, Sr. Manager of Procurement about US Cold’s approach to applying procurement best practices in the cold chain.🤝
Dr. Anna Johnson, VP of Marketing, Corporate Development, and PMO at United States Cold Storage, speaks with Tom Hrivnak, Senior Manager, Business Development, Logistics, about US Cold’s new COMPLETE service. 🚚

Q1 2024 Cover

In the ever-evolving cold chain sector, leading the pack involves more than mere pace–it demands innovation, insightful viewpoints, and a dedication to forging the cold chain’s future.

Our Quarterly Newsletter, The Shield, has been our emblematic platform, offering cold chain insights, perspectives, and that amplify our industry.

Read Our 2024 Q1 Issue of The Shield:

01: Message from Larry Alderfer, President & CEO
02: USCS hosts Customer Advisory Board to better listen, learn and support shippers
03: USCS invests in critical training for tomorrow’s leaders, managers
04: USCS Quakertown West earns “The Johnsonville Way” Award
05: USCS execs lead by example in Global Cold Chain Foundation roles, activities
06: New optimized USCS structure will support growth, customer services and tomorrow’s leaders
07: Data show the dramatic impact and benefit of USCS’s COLDshare Consolidation shipping program
08: US Cold’s COLDshare gives food producers an efficient, reliable solution
09: USCS sets low injury rate record in 2023, eyes more gains this year
10: Expansion to make USCS Tulare North, CA, site the company’s largest single facility

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