Our dedication to engineering excellence is at the forefront of the cold chain industry. Beyond simply storing and transporting, we lead with best-in-engineering innovations. In the intricate world of cold storage and transportation, safeguarding product integrity is achieved through a blend of cutting-edge engineering, sophisticated automation in cold warehousing, sustainable practices, and advanced robotics.

At USCold, we focus on engineering excellence in the cold chain. We don’t just store and transport, we innovate. In the complex world of cold storage and transportation, maintaining the integrity of products requires a symphony of cutting-edge engineering and state-of-the-art automation.

Redefining Cold Storage: The Power of Automation

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cold storage and transportation, maintaining the integrity and safety of products is paramount. At the intersection of technology and logistics, automation stands tall as the game-changer, revolutionizing how cold products are stored and moved. Automation offers a seamless transition into a future where cold products are handled with unmatched efficiency, safety, and precision. It's not just about keeping up; it's about leading the way.

Automated Layer Pick
Automation brings precision to layer picking. Robots, equipped with advanced sensors, pick layers swiftly, ensuring consistent product handling. Reduced manual intervention means quicker operations, reduced product damage, and consistent order fulfillment.
Automated Pallet Handling
Efficiency Reimagined. Automated pallet handling systems optimize the movement, storage, and retrieval of pallets in cold storage facilities. These systems minimize the risk of temperature fluctuations, safeguarding product integrity.
Storage and Retrieval Cranes
The Pinnacle of Automation. These cranes are a testament to how far automation in cold storage has come. Operating in perfect harmony with your storage needs, these automated cranes retrieve products with unparalleled accuracy.

Sustainability in the Cold Chain: Brightening Tomorrow

At the heart of US Cold's modern cold storage is a commitment to harnessing solar energy, utilizing CO2 refrigeration, and deploying electric trucks, all in our quest to preserve products and the planet simultaneously. As the world becomes ever more attuned to its ecological impact, the cold chain stands at the forefront of sustainable innovation. Embracing this green evolution is not just our duty–it's our privilege.

Solar Power: Harnessing the Sun's Strength
When the sun shines on our warehousing facilities, it’s not just illuminating them–it’s powering them. Solar energy, the green titan of renewable resources, is now a beacon of hope in cold storage. Solar is a renewable energy source, it reduces operational costs and diminishes greenhouse gas emissions.
CO2 Refrigeration: Cooling with Conscience
Traditional refrigerants have been environmental culprits, but with Co2 refrigeration, we're turning a new leaf. Co2 offers eco-friendly cooling, efficiency and economy, and a focus on safety with non-toxic, non flammable synthetic refrigerants.
Electric Vehicles: Driving the Cold Chain into a Greener Future
Transitioning to a sustainable future doesn't stop at the warehouse doors. As we take steps inside with solar power and Co2 refrigeration, we're also paving the way outside with our fleet of Electric Vehicles. Zero emissions, efficient operations and cost-effective transportation are it's many benefits.

US Cold has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to redefining the cold chain landscape. At the forefront of this evolution is our robust engineering and automation strategy. Recognizing the dynamic needs of the industry, we've embarked on a dual path of expanding our existing warehouses while also constructing new state-of-the-art facilities that boast the latest in automation technology. These endeavors are not just about increasing capacity; they're emblematic of our vision to blend engineering prowess with technological innovation, ensuring the cold chain is not just preserved, but perennially advanced for future demands.


"Automation in cold storage is more than just a technological upgrade–it's a game-changer. Enhanced efficiency means we process higher volumes in shorter timeframes. The precision of automated systems drastically reduces human error, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. Moreover, the energy optimization in automated warehouses significantly curtails our consumption, making our operations greener and more sustainable. And crucially, by automating many of our processes, we're fostering a safer work environment, reducing risks and prioritizing the well-being of our team."

Mark Schuchter
Senior Manager Automation Projects