In 2016, our parent company, Swire, introduced SwireTHRIVE, a group-wide environmental sustainability strategy addressing every part of Swire’s operations. In support of this endeavor, we focus on pursuing connecting sustainability to all our business goals.

Carbon neutral practices contribute to sustainability by balancing greenhouse gas emissions with removal or offsetting efforts.
Minimizing waste is pivotal for sustainability as it reduces the strain on natural resources and mitigates environmental harm.
Conserving water is essential for sustainability, ensuring the longevity of ecosystems and meeting future human needs.
Sustainable Materials
Sustainable materials support longevity and reduce environmental impact, fostering a balanced coexistence with nature.
Biodiversity in warehousing promotes sustainability by fostering a resilient ecosystem around storage facilities.
Climate Resilience
Climate resilience in warehousing ensures sustainable operations by preparing facilities to withstand and adapt to changing environmental conditions.

Our Environmental Sustainable Development Strategy has resulted in several eco-achievements:

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CO2 Emission Reduction
... 11.4% reduction in CO2 emissions per cubic foot from 2019 to 2021
Electric Yard Tractor2
Power Reduction
... 2.3% power reduction per cubic foot from 2020 to 2021
Renewable Energy
... three active solar arrays that provide 1.7% of USCS electrical consumption

In 2022 we launched the Green Team a sustainability strategy at US Cold. Our goal is to encourage sustainability within our organization and beyond, by fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and implementing practices that reduce our environmental impact. We are committed to advocating for sustainable practices, engaging and educating employees, and partnering on a local level to drive change. We can achieve this by, reducing carbon footprint, energy and water consumption and usage, waste reduction, and promoting sustainable sourcing.

🌎 Dr. Anna Johnson, VP of Marketing, Corporate Development, and PMO at United States Cold Storage speaks with Sara Cook, Sustainable Development Manager. In this podcast, Anna & Sara discuss the importance of sustainability in the cold chain. 🌎