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McClellan Park, CA

14,324,000 Cubic Feet
59,000+ Racked Pallet Positions
Temp. Range -20°F to +50°F
San Francisco, CA – 1.5 hours
Los Angeles, CA – 6 hours
3936 Dudley Blvd.
McClellan, CA 95652
(916) 640-2800
Steve Palefsky

Steve Palefsky
General Manager

“We consider our ongoing efforts in ensuring efficiency, safety, and excellence in our operations to be of the highest priority. With each challenge we face and each milestone we achieve, it becomes increasingly evident that our success is not only rooted in our individual capabilities but also in our shared commitment to excellence and teamwork.
At the heart of our methodology lies a continued commitment and dedication to deliver excellent quality and professionalism. We understand the critical role we play for our customers in safeguarding the integrity of the products they entrust to us, and we approach our responsibilities with care.
From accurately monitoring temperature controls to implementing rigorous inventory management protocols, every action we take is guided by a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability.
As the General Manager, I am committed to providing unwavering support, guidance, and encouragement to each member of our team.
I believe in a culture where everyone feels valued, empowered, and inspired to contribute their unique talents and insights towards our shared goals, making us the very ‘Best in Cold’.
We encourage a culture of open dialogue and active listening, ensuring that every member of our team feels heard, respected, and empowered to contribute their perspectives towards continuous improvement.
As we drive the evolution of cold storage and incorporate innovation and automation, I encourage our team to remain committed to the core values we cherish and that have led us to who we are today. I feel no goal is too ambitious to achieve when you have the right team aside you.
With each passing day, I along with our team remain dedicated and determined to uphold the highest standards of quality, safety, and professionalism in all that we do!”

Phase 3 Expansion Underway

We are thrilled to announce the groundbreaking for Phase 3 of our expansion project in McClellan Park, Sacramento. This new phase represents a significant investment in our commitment to serving our customers with new, cutting-edge facility that will have innovative solutions.

Our expansion opens up exciting opportunities for both existing and potential customers to grow their businesses with us. Whether you’re seeking increased storage capacity, streamlined logistics, or access to cutting-edge technology, Phase 3 at McClellan Park is designed to meet your needs.

Expanded Capacity: Phase 3 will add approximately 7.5 million cubic feet of temperature-controlled space, providing an additional 27,000 pallet positions to accommodate the growing needs of our clients.
Innovative Warehousing Systems: We’re integrating state-of-the-art warehousing systems, including complex conveyor automation, turret truck operations, layer picking, and more, to ensure optimal efficiency and productivity.
Enhanced Logistics: With increased dropped trailer space on our expansive 41-acre site, we aim to minimize wait times for drivers, streamlining operations and improving overall service.

McClellan Park is Best in Cold Storage

Our facility at McClellan Park stands out for its expansive growth, versatile cold storage options, and organic certification, adeptly accommodating a wide array of products, particularly from the bakery and plant-based sectors. We lead in innovation with our cascade layer picking and quick freezing capabilities, tailored to meet unique client requirements.

Our commitment to efficiency and sustainability is further emphasized by our initiatives towards fleet electrification and exploring cutting-edge automation, including automated layer picking and the potential for a fully automated conveyor system.

McClellan 2018
52 Dock Doors
Efficient loading and unloading with secure, streamlined access for the movement of goods in and out of our facility.
Rail Service
Join our consolidation program so you can reduce your freight charges on LTL shipments. Our program is the best in the US with deliveries made across the country every day.
BRCGS Certified
Globally recognized for food safety and quality, ensuring rigorous international standards throughout the supply chain.
Specialized handling and storage to maintain optimal temperatures, ensuring the products reach their international destination with their quality and freshness intact.
Efficiently and accurately reconfiguring your products into different packaging or quantities, for a completely customized shipment.
Our eWMS solution streamlines inventory control, order processing, and distribution, enhancing efficiency and accuracy within the warehousing operations.
Blast Freezing
Use our cutting-edge technology to rapidly chill products to their core. Our state-of-the-art technologies ensure minimal ice crystal formation, locking in taste and texture.
Organic Certified
Our meticulously curated processes adhere to the highest organic standards, ensuring that your products maintain their natural essence from origin to destination.
We are located close to the Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility which serves as an intermodal hub for Amtrak train and bus service and passenger and freight rail.

McClellan Park is Best in Safety

For McClellan, safety is our top priority.  Our dedicated safety department, led by Roseann Burgett, focuses on our unwavering commitment to a safe working environment. We pride ourselves on an impressive safety record, previously reaching 2085 days without incident before a minor reset to 590 days, reflecting our serious approach to safety and incident management.
Innovations such as the introduction of “safety champions” and the “Swagbucks” program underscore our efforts to embed safety deeply into our work culture, fostering a positive and proactive safety environment. These initiatives are designed to ensure safety information and practices are effectively communicated at all levels, with employees encouraged to participate actively and without fear in our transparent safety culture.
This comprehensive approach highlights our commitment to not just maintaining but continually enhancing safety standards, making it a core aspect of our operational ethos.
McClellan stands out as a workplace where direct collaboration with the management team is encouraged. From your direct supervisor to the General Manager, from regional teams to corporate leaders, every level of management is approachable and committed to facilitating success within the company.

Roseann Burgett
Training Quality Safety Supervisor, McClellan Park

McClellan Park is Sustainable

We are deeply committed to sustainability, actively pursuing goals that include significantly reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing energy efficiency. One of our major sustainability initiatives is the installation of solar panels, with plans to produce 1.5 megawatts of AC power. This project, currently in the permitting phase, is a bold step toward harnessing renewable energy, aiming to decrease our reliance on the grid and further our sustainability efforts.
We’ve also embarked on the electrification of our fleet, beginning with electric yard trucks and planning to expand this to include more electric vehicles. This move is part of our broader commitment to lower emissions and promote sustainability in our transportation operations.
Our collaboration with local utility providers has been instrumental in advancing our sustainability goals. Through this partnership, we’ve been able to invest in technology and infrastructure improvements, including enhanced time-of-day cooling and automated energy controls. These advancements, managed through modern, computer-controlled systems, have significantly boosted our efficiency and effectiveness in energy use.
“By being enrolled in Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s PowerDirect program, US Cold is supporting our community and helping save energy when demand for electricity is at its peak. SMUD’s on an ambitious path to eliminate carbon emissions from our power supply by 2030, and it’s going to take everyone to play a part in getting to a clean energy future. Partnerships like the one we have with USCS is the kind of collaboration we need today, for a more sustainable tomorrow.”
– Marie Brougham
SMUD Account Management & Sales Manager
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CO2 Reduction
Power Reduction
SBTi Commitment

McClellan Park is Best in Logistics

McClellan Park’s COLDshare consolidation optimizes deliveries by leveraging efficiencies from nearby warehouses for on-time, single-stop shipments, employs AI for smart load building to enhance route efficiency and timeliness, and provides cross-docking capabilities to facilitate efficient goods movement between different transportation modes.

From raw materials to the shelf, we can optimize your supply chain so your team can focus on making and selling your product. Our 4PL is your complete logistics solution.
COLDshare Consolidation
Join our consolidation program so you can reduce your freight charges on LTL shipments. Our program is the best in the US with deliveries made across the country every day.
Custom Analytics
Get analytics tailored to your needs sent proactively to you every week. Real-time data helps you make decisions quickly and with accuracy.
Shuttle Services
Seamlessly transporting perishables, we ensure optimal temperatures, safeguarding your goods' freshness. Our fleet is tailored for reliability, rapid response, and customizable solutions.
Brokerage Services
With a vast network of reliable carriers, we craft tailored solutions for every cargo need. Our expert brokers use industry insights and cutting-edge technology to ensure timely deliveries.
Network Analytics
Streamline your logistics and maximize every node of your supply chain. At US Cold, we harmonize inventory management, reduce lead times, and minimize costs.
• COLDshare Consolidation
• Custom Analytics
• Shuttle Services
• Brokerage Services
• Network Analytics
• 14,324,000 Cubic Feet
• 59,000+ Racked Pallet Positions
• Temp. Range -20°F to +50°F
• Organic Certified
• Special Handling Available
Warehouse Specifications

McClellan Park is Best in People

At McClellan, we firmly believe that our greatest asset is our people, making us the best in the industry. We boast a team of employees who are not only dedicated, determined, and dependable but also deeply care about the cold chain and warehousing.
Their unparalleled commitment and passion for excellence set us apart, ensuring that every operation within our facility meets the highest standards of efficiency and quality. Our team’s expertise and unwavering dedication to maintaining the integrity of the cold chain underscore our leading position in the industry.
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Shake and Freeze Day
Steve Palefsky & Tony Petersen Safety inspection
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