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8025 Quality Drive
Prince George, VA 23875
(804) 451-7300
2,432,000 Cubic Feet
5,581 Racked Pallet Positions
Temperatures Ranging from 0ºF to -40ºF
Norfolk, VA - 1.30 hours
Washington, DC - 2.5 hours
Charlston, NC - 6 hours
Savannah, GA - 2 hours


Our facilities stand out as the best in the industry, thanks to cutting-edge technology, unparalleled temperature control, and a dedicated team that ensures the utmost quality and safety for your products.

15 Dock Doors
Efficient loading and unloading with secure, streamlined access for the movement of goods in and out of our facility.
Specialized handling and storage to maintain optimal temperatures, ensuring the products reach their international destination with their quality and freshness intact.
Dedicated Facility
This entire facility is dedicated to our customer, Kraft Heinz. We are proud to be a strategic partner with such a great company.


With over 120 years of expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a nationwide network, we ensure the freshness, safety, and efficient distribution of your perishable goods. Elevate your supply chain today and experience unparalleled excellence in logistics.

From raw materials to the shelf, we can optimize your supply chain so your team can focus on making and selling your product. Our 4PL is your complete logistics solution.
Brokerage Services
With a vast network of reliable carriers, we craft tailored solutions for every cargo need. Our expert brokers use industry insights and cutting-edge technology to ensure timely deliveries.
Custom Analytics
Get analytics tailored to your needs sent proactively to you every week. Real-time data helps you make decisions quickly and with accuracy.