/kōld və ˈlo͞oSH (ə)n/

1) An evolution of the cold chain pioneered by the best in cold.

2) An innovative, strategic transformation currently happening in temperature-controlled logistics, storage, and distribution driven by United States Cold Storage.

3) Exponential opportunities for growth through purposeful partnerships, advanced automation, digitization, and strategic facility expansions all of which empowers  USCS Customers to grow exponentially, too.

4) The application of novel solutions that drive safer, more efficient, data-driven warehouse operations and transportation services.

We’ve been doing this a long time at US Cold.
Seen a lot of things change in this world.
One minute you’re pulling ice from a river,
Next thing you know, we’re harnessing the power of the sun to keep our clients’ goods cool.
Pretty cool.

Well change, it’s here again.
Truth is, it’s never really left.
We embrace it here.
We lead it.

Our clients’ needs have become more varied.
And the world, well it’s challenge after obstacle, hold on tight and buckle up.
So we created sub-zero system that’s advanced as it is flexible.
It’s a frozen product haven with new levels of safety, that brings value to our partners,
and opportunity to our people.
A new standard that goes beyond conventional thinking.
Big bold ideas that foster growth across our company so that we can serve more people,
more efficiently.
We’re developing our people with the tools and mindset to stay ahead of the curve.
And continuing to help our communities prosper.

And it’s really happening.
Through our logistics, where consolidation is a concerto.
And data science is doing great things.
Our commitment to automation is paying dividends, too.
Lowering overall costs, while improving safety and accuracy.
And our digitization is breaking new ground.
Using AI, machine learning, and predictive tools to raise business intelligence
and redefine industry innovation.

This our time. This moment.
This change that’s changing everything for the better.
We’re leading the Coldvolution.