As a convenience to our customers, USCS offers eUSCOLD, a secure Internet-based information service with real-time inventory status and order tracking across the entire USCS network. The eUSCOLD website is fully integrated with our WMS and TMS systems providing our customers with 24/7 visibility to virtually all aspects of their account including inventory details, shipment status, order placement and custom on-demand reports.

What hardware/software do I need to access eUSCOLD®?
You will need a personal computer with Internet access, E-mail address and browser software Explorer 4 or greater. We suggests a connection speed of at least 36,000 bps for greater performance.

What level of security does the system have?
eUSCOLD® is protected with the latest 128 bit encryption technology, secure passwords, and user ID's ensuring access only to pre-authorized users

How often is data updated?
Real-time information is extracted from our in-house warehouse management and transportation database.

Is the report data in an easy to use format?
All reports can be downloaded into a format that can easily be read using the most common database and spreadsheet programs. Presently the reports can be sent in either Excel (CSV) or HTML formats.

What should I do if I have a question or problem operating eUSCOLD® services?
Each of the screens has a help button explaining purpose, terminology and step-by-step instructions on how to perform the functions. The Help link is located on the top right hand part of the toolbar. If you need additional help you can e-mail us at webhelp@uscold.com, or you can call the USCS SuperUser at the facility where your account is located.

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