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The story of modern cold storage begins with us.

USCS’s century of cold storage excellence in America is backboned by 38 world-class facilities across 13 states. Our purpose goes beyond industry leading locations and services. It’s a child smiling with a frozen treat. The healing medicines we protect. And holiday feasts we’ve helped deliver.

USCS has over two thousand hardworking employees who love what they do, dedicated to keeping us at the top of the cold storage industry.  We’ll do whatever it takes for our partners to profitably reach their goals, whether it’s primary storage or fully integrated 3rd party logistics solutions.

Our mission to help customers has no borders. 35% of the goods we handle are distributed overseas for top American and International food companies. It’s no coincidence USCS is a leading US Public Refrigerated Warehouse (PRW) company.

We are passionately driven to advance, innovate, and serve companies seeking the best cold storage. Our biggest reward is their sustained success.

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Our history has always been about the future.

In 1899, our forefather, The American Ice Company, had a logistics system still operating with horses and buggies. A large portion of the refrigeration industry harvested ice from frozen lakes and rivers. As this method became unsafe due to pollution, American Ice did what’s become a hallmark of our company. We moved forward with innovative refrigeration technology while maintaining a system that put our customers’ goods first.

Our name formally changed to the United States Cold Storage in 1920. We’ve been changing the refrigerated storage and logistics game ever since. Today, USCS has grown to 38 facilities across 13 states. Our logistics network provides service to some of the country’s largest food producers. Some of the brightest minds in the industry are leading the charge as we close out-of-date facilities and upgrade to state-of-the-art ones like our Tulare, CA distribution center. Several more are planned over the next five years.
In 1982, USCS officially became a wholly owned subsidiary of John Swire & Sons, joining 129,000 employees across the United States, UK, Asia, and Australia. The affiliation has helped our customers get the advantages of global network that defines world class.
One trait our parent company shares is a commitment to being the best. As well as being the top refrigerated warehousing in Australia, Swire Cold Storage now includes state-of-the-art facilities in Vietnam and Sri Lanka, and a strong presence in China.
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