Our Mission

United States Cold Storage is driven to advance, innovate and serve companies seeking the best service, facilities, and logistics in the cold chain.


Our values are internal commitments our company makes to itself. Our commitments are the anchor of our business and deeply engrained principles that guide employee behavior, company decisions and direction. Our values are what set us apart in the cold chain industry by clarifying our identity and serve as a rallying point for USCS employees.

Every employee of United States Cold Storage is held accountable for respecting and adhering to the following company commitments:



  • We connect the links throughout the entire cold chain industry
  • We cultivate interpersonal, diverse connections among our customers, employees, partners, stakeholders, and community
  • We sustain our connections for long-term growth and success


  • We protect our people and focus on safety
  • We protect our customers and their products
  • We protect food for those who grow it, make it, and eat it
  • We protect the environment by reducing our footprint and focusing on sustainability


  • We respect each and every member of our crew and care for each other
  • We respect each role, responsibility, and contribution of every member of our crew
  • We respect our customers and the food they entrust to us


  • We positively affect the cold chain industry by being our best and doing our best
  • We affect growth by driving innovation instead of chasing it
  • We affect our company's success by building a future for generations to come


  • With dedication and determination, we strive on perfecting all aspects of the cold chain
  • We continually learn, with a focus on improving every day
  • We train and train again in everything that can make us a better business and better people