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Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 10.56.10 AMVOORHEES, NJ –Effective March 1, 2018, United States Cold Storage promoted Larry Alderfer to the new position of Chief Operating Office. Alderfer previously was Senior Vice President, and he retains responsibilities for Business Development, Corporate Development, Transportation / Logistics and Information Technology. With his new role, Alderfer now assumes responsibilities for regional operations in five regions.

“One of his first corporate development successes was to enter and expand our presence in the Pennsylvania market. Soon after that, Larry increased his responsibilities to include Regional Vice President for the Northeast Region,” notes David Harlan, USCS President & CEO. Most recently, Larry earned the recognition and position of Senior Vice President.

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VOORHEES, NJ – United States Cold Storage (USCS) broke ground for a Phase 2 addition at the company’s public refrigerated warehouse in Lebanon, IN.

The operation opened in 2009 with 6.5 million cubic feet of refrigerated and frozen storage and 24,300 pallet positions. Officials expect by next fall to complete the 5.1 million cubic foot addition with 16,000 more pallet positions and 10 additional shipping dock doors. The facility handles a wide range of refrigerated and frozen products held at temperatures from -20F to +60F.

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VOORHEES, NJ – United States Cold Storage (USCS) expects by this fall to build a 6.7-million-cubic-foot public refrigerated warehouse in McDonough, GA, located just south and east from Atlanta and right off the Interstate 75 corridor.

USCS already operates an 8.6-million-cubic-foot facility in McDonough, which it began leasing in 2016. This operation, known as McDonough 1, serves the greater Atlanta metro market and provides regional multi-temp distribution services to the Southeast.

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VOORHEES, NJ –USCS is currently preparing for Hurricane Irma. Our facilities in
Florida and North Carolina have activated their hurricane preparedness plans.

In addition to ensuring that our employees and their families are safe and adequately prepared, USCS is taking the following operational precautions to protect our customer’s products:

> Obtaining generators.
> Securing fuel service including ongoing stocking as needed.
> Lowering warehouse temperatures.

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VOORHEES, NJ –United States Cold Storage (USCS) recently completed a 5.3 million-cubic-foot, Phase Three addition at its public refrigerated warehouse (PRW) in Dallas, TX.

Just built in 2013, USCS Dallas is located at 2225 N. Cockrell Hill Rd. and works with nearby USCS warehouses in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX, to serve the Dallas Metroplex region. For its part, USCS Dallas is a strategic location to efficiently serve key markets throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

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Screenshot 2016-11-04 12.30.33USCS Hires Matthew Hughes for Covington, TN, Post

VOORHEES, NJ – United States Cold Storage has hired Matthew Hughes as an Assistant Manager for the company’s dedicated facility in USCS Covington, TN.

Completed in January 2015, the 9,010,000-cubic-foot facility maintains a -20°F environment for ice cream storage and is dedicated to an adjacent ice cream manufacturing facility owned by Unilever. The operation this year was awarded LEED Gold status in the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) program.

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United States Cold Storage adds McDonough, Georgia to their portfolio of facilities.

United States Cold Storage, Inc. (USCS) announces the addition of 8.6 million cubic feet of warehouse and distribution space in McDonough, Georgia. The facility, located at 1420 Greenwood Road, brings the USCS total to 261 million cubic feet of warehouse space in 38 facilities across 13 states.

Regional Vice President – Midwest, Dave Butterfield reports, “This is a great opportunity for United States Cold Storage to expand our presence and offer increased Multi-Vendor Consolidation (MVC) opportunities in the Southeast market.”

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GFSI Certification Achievement for USCS of California

U.S. Cold Storage of California announced it has earned certification through the British Retail Consortium (BRC) under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for three additional California facilities, Tulare (2) and Fresno.
“The BRC certification is validation of our long-term commitment to providing the highest quality food safety standards through the supply chain”, explains Rod Noll, Vice President – Western Region. “A growing number of manufacturers, retail, and food service companies in North America require this independent certification. Tracy is our fourth distribution center certification, and we intend to have most of our distribution centers certified by the end of the year.”

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PR_Feb2015United States Cold Storage Expands in Wilmington, IL

Voorhees, NJ – Perhaps there’s no busier or more important transportation market than the Midwest and, specifically, Chicago. That’s where United States Cold Storage (USCS) recently completed a Phase I expansion, in Wilmington, IL.

This project brought 3.9 million cubic feet and 17,825 more pallet positions of additional storage in three rooms, which can be computer controlled at temperatures from -5F to +50F. The investment brings Wilmington’s current storage handling capacity to 14.3 million cubic feet with more than 5,00 pallet positions.

USCS Wilmington is about 60 miles southwest of Chicago. One of the company’s newest locations, the operation works with sister site in nearby Minooka.

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U.S. Cold Storage Sets Solar Array in Lumberton, NC Facility

VOORHEES, NJ based United States Cold Storage, has announced it will install a 2.7 megawatt ground based solar array at its Lumberton, North Carolina refrigerated warehouse.

The system will be a ground-mount system on a fixed 30° tilt to achieve a balance between high efficiency and low maintenance. “This photovoltaic system is part of USCS’ long-term sustainable development strategy. Through continued support from Swire, USCS can further integrate the environmental benefits PV technology provides in both our operations and in the communities in which we do business,” said Michael Lynch, Vice President of Engineering at USCS.

“We are excited our company chose the Lumberton, NC facility for this investment and the part it will play in meeting our overall sustainability USCS goals,” says Jesse Hooks, Regional V.P. – Mid-Atlantic.

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New Facility in Quakertown, PA

With growing regional demand, United States Cold Storage answered the need for a third Pennsylvania warehouse, adding a new site in Quakertown, PA, to compliment nearby operations in Bethlehem and Hazleton.

USCS’ new Quakertown operation adds density to an already robust consolidated shipping program. This new location enables USCS to continue to grow its multi-vendor consolidation program and, in turn, drive down shipping costs for current customers.Likewise, it literally adds more capacity as USCS grows as a preferred regional partner.

This addition to the USCS network offers another reliable, efficient option for temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution services. Using advanced, proprietary technology, a well trained staff and more than 100 years of experience, USCS can manage any size program with industry-leading efficiency and accuracy.

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USCS to Expand Current Operations in Tennessee

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bill Hagerty along with United States Cold Storage (USCS) officials today announced the company will expand its current operations in Tennessee by adding a new distribution and warehouse facility in Covington next to Unilever. The public refrigerated warehouse logistics provider will invest $48 million and create 63 new jobs in Tipton County.

“United States Cold Storage’s expansion in Covington highlights our continuing efforts to work with and promote in-state industries’ success in Tennessee,” Hagerty said. “I am extremely pleased they are growing as a result of another incumbent business, Unilever. Once Unilever finishes its current expansion plans, it will be the largest ice cream manufacturing facility in the world, furthered by the increased logistical capabilities of United States Cold Storage and Tennessee’s unbeatable central location. I appreciate the new jobs United States Cold Storage is creating in Tipton County and look forward to their ongoing success in our state.”

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United States Cold Storage Building in Dallas, the Big ‘D”

It’s big news for a city that calls itself the “Big D.” United States Cold Storage (USCS) is constructing a 5.5 million-cubic-foot, public refrigerated warehouse in Dallas. Scheduled for completion this June, a Phase One project will include two convertible freezers (+35F to -20F) and two more freezers (0F to -20F). It will replace most of USCS’ original Dallas warehouse, which was built in 1965.

“We have been operating at maximum capacity for the past several years,” says USCS Dallas General Manager Brian Kroll. “This gives USCS the opportunity to provide even more storage space—for both existing and future customers—in an ever-growing market. Our customers’ products will be housed in a state-of-the-art warehouse with the very latest in engineering, refrigeration, lighting, warehouse management and transportation management system technologies.”

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United States Cold Storage Completes Wilmington, IL, Addition

2013 saw United States Cold Storage (USCS) complete a 4.1 million-cubic-foot expansion in Wilmington, IL, and strengthen its Midwest storage and distribution capabilities.

Built in 2009, Wilmington is about 60 miles southwest of Chicago and works with sister sites in nearby Minooka and Lyons, IL. The Phase 2 addition boosted the operation’s storage capacity to nearly 10 million cubic feet and 16,000 pallet positions. Specifically, Wilmington added three rooms—including one dedicated freezer room and two others with convertible temperature controls.

General Manager Greg Rohrbaugh says USCS Wilmington had been operating at maximum levels and also needed more dock space and loading doors. He attributes Wilmington’s fast growth to company customers and their success.

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USCS Laredo, TX Growing for Produce; Investing in Technology

Although it’s true that fruit and vegetables have their distinct growing seasons, fresh produce will never be “out of season” at United States Cold Storage (USCS) in Laredo, TX.

This year saw USCS build a 1.6 million-cubic-foot addition with 6,000 more pallet positions to dramatically increase the operation’s produce handling capacity and capabilities. The expansion has three separate rooms with varying temperature and humidity controls; and each area has a separate dock. USCS’ experienced personnel can regulate these temperature and humidity levels according to customer product needs—anywhere from +28°F to 55°F.

The new 59,176-square-foot structure has additional freezer capacity. In conjunction, USCS also has upgraded its existing warehouse refrigeration systems to more accurately control temperatures and protect produce quality on shipping and receiving docks.

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USCS Rebuilding in Omaha, NE

United States Cold Storage is building a 3.5-million-cubic-foot refrigerated distribution center in Omaha, NE. Officials say the project will completely revitalize the company’s existing 30th Street location, a rail-served site in the city’s historic meat-packing district.

USCS built the original warehouse in 1952 and expanded it once in 1964.
Rod Noll, USCS Vice President and Area Manager-West Region, was among those evaluating the 30th Street location and considering for future business plans.

“Redeveloping this rail-served property provides the best economic model and keeps us in close proximity to many long-term customers,” says Noll. “We also believe this modern facility will generate significant new business because no one has built a cold storage facility in Omaha
during the past 30 years.”

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USCS Logistics Joins U.S. EPA Smartway® Transport Partnership

Voorhees, NJ – USCS Logistics today announced that it has joined the SmartWay® Transport Partnership, an innovative collaboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and industry, which provides a framework to assess the environmental and energy efficiency of goods movement supply chains.

USCS Logistics will contribute to the Partnership’s savings of 1.5 billion gallons of fuel, $3.6 billion in fuel costs, 14.7 MMT of carbon dioxide (CO2), 215,000 tons of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and 8,000 tons of particulate matter.

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USCS Turlock California Expands

Voorhees, NJ – United States Cold Storage, Inc. (USCS) has announced board approval for a new construction project in Northern California.

Located approximately 70 miles east of San Francisco, the USCS Turlock, CA facility is slated for expansion due to strong customer demand for refrigerated space and services. The facility sits on 42 acres and serves the storage and distribution needs of a diverse agricultural community located in the fertile Northern and Central Valleys of California. The phase two construction at Turlock will increase the size to 9.5 million cubic feet of refrigerated storage space, with approximately 39,500 pallet positions.

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United States Cold Storage Strengthens Team with Key Promotions

Voorhees, NJ – United States Cold Storage is pleased to announce eight promotions – coast to coast — effective in January. USCS President & Chief Executive Officer David Harlan announced the eight appointments. “I am very pleased to be promoting each of these staff members” Harlan said.

“They all have strong backgrounds in the PRW industry and each possesses proven skills and knowledge. I know that these managers will be extremely productive in their new positions.”

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