Organic Growth, Ownership + Vision

United States Cold Storage…One Company for 120 Years. Why is that important? Here’s why…

Healthy Foods Grow Naturally. Although each decade is different, USCS has steadily grown and today stands as the nation’s third-largest coast-to-coast provider of cold storage and refrigerated logistics services. It manages 355 million cubic feet of temperature controlled space at 42 sites in 13 states.

Some companies use acquisitions to quickly scale up operations numbers—while others take a more measured approach. Thankfully, USCS has been privately held and managed by the United Kingdom’s Swire Group during the past four decades. Although there have been a few strategic acquisitions along the way, nearly all of USCS’ growth has been organic as the company adds new business and grows with its customers.

Strategic vision matters. Under Swire Group’s ownership since 1979, USCS has had only 10 presidents. That means USCS customers can rest assured knowing company leaders—both today and tomorrow—will be around and are accountable, committed and focused on growth.

That’s how a company grows and thrives over 120 years.



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