At USCS, our technology is changing the supply chain game.

USCS IT is constantly evolving to meet customer needs for storage, transportation, logistics and tracking. From the state-of-the-art systems in our warehouses to unparalleled system integration – every advancement we make is designed to create efficiency, heighten security, create value and make sure our client’s products are always where they need to be.

The investment we make in our proprietary technology and the people who run it is a commitment we will never waver on. It keeps our clients a step ahead, which is exactly where we want them to be.

Warehouse Applications:

Warehouse Management System

The USCS warehouse management system (WMS) is a custom developed application designed to accommodate any type of customer’s business requirements in this fast pacing environment. WMS is built on a highly secured and reliable IBM platform to protect the most critical business data of all our customers. This sophisticated WMS has been matured enough to compete with other well known OTC WMS products encompassing the modules to manage inventory, receiving, shipping, dock scheduling and billing.


Taskmaster is a proprietary, one of a kind technology application designed to manage the tasks for the warehouse operators. Taskmaster takes the warehouse activity information entered, organizes it, and creates the most efficient workflow. Then, it automatically assigns tasks to save time and resources. Productivity analysis is performed constantly. The result is a system that performs every duty, and helps our clients proactively find the best warehouse solutions.

Transportation Applications:

Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System (TMS) is a home-grown product that manages the logistics of product movement between warehouses and customer’s destinations. TMS can seamlessly coordinate load tendering, appointment scheduling, shipping, carrier relationship management and other transportation-related activities. It fully integrates with eUSCOLD and USCS WMS to create a supply chain technology foundation that gives our customers a custom control center built on efficiency and results.

Customer Online Portal:


eUSCOLD is our secure customer portal which features real-time inventory status and order tracking across our entire enterprise. eUSCOLD fully integrates with our WMS and TMS systems, giving customers 24/7 access to inventory details, shipment status, order placement and custom on-demand reports. eUSCOLD runs on a Highly Available network to insure reliable access at any time.

eUSCOLD Features:

• Inventory
• Product Detail Master
• Schedule
• Stock Shortage
• Receipt Verification
• Order Verification
• Lot History
• Pallet Exchange Status

• Enter Order Details
• Enter Shipping Instructions
• Order Placement Confirmation
• Order Modification
• Status
• Product Age Analysis
• Orders / Pending /Shipped
• Receipt / Delivery Confirmation

• Product Recall
• Inventory Activity
• Inspection Status
• Order Status
• Confirm Warehouse Pickup
• Updated Delivery Appointments
• Outbound Consolidation Delivery Confirmation

What hardware/software do I need to access eUSCOLD®?
You will need a personal computer with Internet access, E-mail address and browser software Internet Explorer 9 or greater. Broadband or cable connectivity is suggested to insure robust website response. 

What level of security does the system have?
eUSCOLD® is protected with the latest 128 bit encryption technology, secure passwords, and user IDs ensuring access only to pre-authorized users.

How often is data updated?
Real-time information is extracted from our in-house warehouse management and transportation database.

Is the report data in an easy to use format?
All reports can be downloaded into a format that can easily be read using the most common database and spreadsheet programs. Presently the reports can be sent in either Excel (CSV) or HTML formats.

What should I do if I have a question or problem operating eUSCOLD® services?
Each of the screens has a help button explaining purpose, terminology and step-by-step instructions on how to perform the functions. The Help link is located on the top right hand part of the toolbar. If you need additional help you can e-mail us at, or you can call the USCS SuperUser at the facility where your account is located.

Electronic Data Interchange:

Electronic Data Interchange

Every partnership we have deserves custom service. EDI (electronic data interchange) helps us communicate information quickly, efficiently and securely with our clients, the way they need it. USCS is capable of exchanging electronic data with customers, carriers, consignees and other 3rd party value added networks.

Some of the documents USCS currently supports:

• 180-Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification
• 204-Motor Carrier Load Tender
• 210-Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
• 214-Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
• 810-Invoice
• 846-Inventory Inquiry/Advice
• 850-Purchase Order
• 852-Product Activity Data
• 855-Purchase Order Acknowledgement
• 856-Ship Notice/Manifest

• 860-Purchase Order Change Request
• 864-Text Message
• 888-Item Maintenance
• 940-Warehouse Shipping Order
• 943-Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice
• 944-Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice
• 945-Warehouse Shipping Advice
• 947-Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice
• 990-Response to a Load Tender
• 997-Functional Acknowledgement

Most are version 4010 or 4010 UCS. USCS supports both X12 and EDIFACT format.

Advanced & Efficient Platforms:

Voice-Directed Operations

The Voice-Directed Warehouse Management System brings efficiencies to complex order fulfillment. Wireless, hands-free connectivity insures our warehouse staff can efficiently locate, select and build complex, Multi-SKU orders. Overall accuracy and efficiency translates into value for all complex customer handling requests. WMS is enabled to provide voice directed commands to the warehouse operators without using a middle-ware. Voice directed picking has been implemented to handle several large customers requiring heavy case picking under various temperature conditions including -20 degrees. USCS WMS is designed to voice enable any type of program within a few weeks and get it ready for any customer when it’s required.

Smart Forklift Tracking

By combining state-of-the-art application software, positioning technology and tracking hardware on lift trucks, Smart Forklift Tracking provides unprecedented accuracy for identifying and tracking the status and location of goods and assets. Through the use of Optical, this technology solution offers advanced tracking solutions to meet asset tracking needs. It is the comprehensive solution for complete asset and inventory tracking for distribution centers, manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Optical solution allows managers to plan routes, make critical dispatching decisions in real-time and review historical data for improving operations over time.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Machines

Our WMS is integrated with a well-known ASR system to automate the pallet movement from our customer’s production facilities into our warehouses. Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems automate workflows by managing and executing transport tasks based on an optimized strategy. AGV systems surpass other pallet transport systems in their reliability, safety and flexibility. With its proven technology and flexible design, our Pallet Stacker Crane accommodates a wide variety of pallet configurations in high-bay warehouses and distribution centers.

Labor Management System

Our WMS is integrated with a third party Labor Management System. Operational efficiency is significantly increased through the use of a Labor Management System. Our dedicated industrial engineers specialize in developing LMS tools for recording, analyzing and measuring employee effectiveness. The integration between WMS and LMS is designed to handle the most demanding of business environments found in warehousing and storage, manufacturing and retail. We are provided with full visibility of our labor utilization to help us gain enhanced efficiency. We utilize cutting edge technology to build flexible and efficient solutions for the management of our workforce.


We care as much as you do

USCS runs all its applications on 64-bit IBM i platform. IBM i is an integrated operating environment with a reputation for exceptional security and business resilience for over 25 years. The IBM i platform provides comprehensive solution capabilities for a highly secure system environment. Sophisticated technologies combine to minimize the potential risk posed by security threats, while better enabling us to rapidly adapt and respond to changing security policy requirements.

  • Industry unique, virus-resistant, object-based architecture
  • Integrated security features
  • System monitoring and management capabilities
  • World-class ISV security portfolio

Confidentiality you can believe in

By securing the data using cryptographic measures, information can travel throughout the network while maintaining data confidentiality and integrity, while user applications can also access cryptographic functions directly via application programming interfaces (APIs). Using cryptographic functions can help provide the following:

  • Data confidentiality (secrecy or privacy): Encryption is used to render data unintelligible. Only authorized entities are able to use decryption to make the data intelligible again.
  • Data integrity: Several cryptographic functions, such as digital signatures, message authentication codes, and keyed hashes, are used to help ensure data has not been altered.
  • Authentication of communicating parties: Digital signatures, message authentication codes, and some key agreement protocols are used to verify the origin of data.
  • Non-repudiation: A digital signature is used to prove the involvement of an entity in a previous action.

Mobile Platforms:

Expanding Possibilities

USCS implemented several mobile enabled applications. A mobile application was developed for carriers to update the delivery times for each consignee.


RF Tracking: A modern approach to inventory tracking

Radio Frequency (RF) tracking is a benefit in real-time. As pallets and cases carrying this bar code move, our client’s data moves into our IT system. Product is instantly found, quickly transported and inventory tracks easily.

Every cubic inch is measured in our industry. RF brings efficiency to every space it’s in.

Computerized Refrigeration Control System:

Simply the most advanced refrigeration technology around.

There are so many variables that go into the refrigerated storage of our client’s products. Our Computerized Refrigeration Control System (CRCS) handles them all. It takes on all the functions of an industrial refrigeration system, monitors them, optimizes them, and even records historical control data for reference. The depth of the detail this technology handles is amazing. Our clients truly get a state-of-the-art refrigerated storage experience.


Safety is very important at USCS, learn more about how we do it by clicking here.


We strive to be the best when it comes to renewable resources and efficient use of energy.

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