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Handling and Storage

More than 270 million refrigerated cubic feet ready, willing and future able.

Every detail is covered in our facilities. Each feature specially racked storage rooms and enclosed refrigerated shipping/receiving docks to protect product against thermal abuse during the handling and staging. The amount of services we offer during the process matches the varied needs of our customers. We’re proud to offer each capability.

• Verification of count and product condition

• Application of RF bar code identification tags to every pallet

• Recorded in USCS WMS computer system with location identification

• Freezer temperatures at 0° F or below

• Ultra-Low temperatures range: -10° F to -20° F for ice cream, novelties, etc.

• Refrigerated temperature range: from +28° F to +55° F

• Ambient temperature for storage of dry goods

• Blast Freezing: Tunnels and high velocity air movement to quickly remove heat from fresh product

• Room Freezing and Chilling: In-room temperature reduction based upon customer specifications

• Product Tempering: Increasing core product temperature according to customer specification

• Retrieval of full pallet or individual cases as specified

• Order assembly: Single case order picking, stretch wrapping and marking of pallet with shipping ID

• Pallet Module Building: Customized rainbow pallet assembly of specific products to accommodate special shipments

• Case Weight Taking: RF bar code scan to retrieve, tally and recap box totals

• Clamp Equipment Loading Unloading: Forklift mounted attachment used for the mechanical handling and palletizing of product

• Cross Dock / Trans-loading: Receiving product in full pallet quantities to be staged for immediate re-shipment

• Hand-stack Loading / Unloading: Manpower provided to palletize or floor load individual cases/units

• Labeling / Stamping: Product packaging or cases that need to be specially stamped or labeled


A first class passage for international storage and distribution.

USCS has extensive experience facilitating the safe and secure storage and distribution of goods internationally. We’re ready to help make every border crossing a winning experience.

Trained USCS personnel work directly with USDA Inspectors to coordinate and perform product inspections. USDA approval stamps are applied to fully cleared products.
Many USCS facilities are bonded by the U.S. Government and used for the temporary storage of imported perishable foodstuffs

The quick thawing of meat or poultry products so shipments can be cut open for inspection.
USDA grading services performed in special inspection rooms.

Assistance with documentation related to inspection of imports and exports for the USDA, FDA, US Customs or import/export brokers. Bills of Lading and packing lists are specially prepared as required.
USCS can perform services for product that is floor loaded, on slip-sheets or palletized. We load export containers by following the shipper’s specified sequence.
(Secretaria de Agricultura, Ganaderia y Desarrollo Rural) Mexican Government inspection of fresh fruits and vegetables to be imported into Mexico. Service provided at USCS Laredo in Texas.
For the sorting of shrimp and other seafood by size, weight, species, etc.
Swire provides an ever-growing chain of refrigerated warehouses and distribution facilities in the United States, Australia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and China.

Not all services are available at all facilities. Please check the individual location for more information.


Efficiency delivered through refrigerated information systems innovation.

Our industry-leading proprietary information systems create efficiency and value through your entire storage experience. Tracking, handling, inventory, and billing become part of a proficient, flowing performance with our expert players helping you hit all the right notes.

USCS’s WMS with Taskmaster is amazing. It’s an event-based technology, so you just program priorities and tasks are automatically assigned based on your needs.

Taskmaster also delivers accurate real-time inventory information and a custom database for activity-based costing and productivity analysis. The system interfaces with eUSCOLD Online Services, and our other management technologies, keeping your data streams fingertip ready.

Orders shipped through USCS LOGISTICS™ services, USCS Transport™ local shuttle services or by the USCS freight consolidation program are tracked from placement, to shipment through every part of the delivery process. Also, Allied carriers work together with USCS to update the status of shipments.
USCS employs radio frequency (RF) tracking hardware throughout all of its warehouses to maintain accurate and timely updates of inventory and order status. By scanning a “license plate” or bar code on cases or pallet, we are able to capture and transfer data to our warehouse managers, and transportation and customer service reps on a virtual real-time basis. Once integrated into the USCS IT network, this information becomes available to our customers through our online customer support site, eUSCOLD®, providing visibility to inventory and shipment status.
USCS is fully RFID (radio frequency identification) capable. RFID technology uses individual radio frequency ‘tags’ that are attached to products, cases and/or pallets to track product movement using radio waves. The technology is available in our warehouses as a means to managing order flow and resources. USCS will provide all or some RFID services upon request.
Provides real-time, secure access to account information. You can run reports on inventory details, order status, shipment tracking, lot histories, and receipt verification. Orders can be placed. And it’s 24/7 availability works with whatever hours you do.
Electronic Data Interchange transmits and receives order information, updates orders, confirms shipments, reports inventory status and performs other data interchange with our customers.
The Computerized Refrigeration Control System (CRCS) modularizes and standardizes the various control functions of an industrial refrigeration system. USCS’ state-of-the-art refrigeration control system utilizes an inter-connected set of microcontrollers to optimize the management of various functions. The CRCS makes critical variables – pressure, temperatures, infrared and current sensing – visible in real-time and collects historical control data for future reference.

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