Transportation Services

Transportation driving our clients business forward

USCS provides comprehensive transportation services programs for local, regional or national distribution through a dedicated Transportation Management group. Our experienced team of professionals can help manage your transportation program so it finds the perfect path.

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Right places. Right times. Right Cost.

United States Cold Storage offers total supply chain solutions. It’s our mission to provide innovative solutions to the logistic challenges you face, so your products get to the right places at the right times, safely, securely and cost effectively. 



Our leading-edge systems and deep industry experience help us provide a spectrum of transportation management scaled to whatever your program needs. We’ll help you find the most effective shipping solutions, whether by truck, intermodal, rail, air or ocean. Our goal is to become a trusted part of your transportation team.

USCS’s innovative systems lighten the heavy lifting. Our Transportation Management System (USCS TMS), eUSCold online, nationwide shipment tracking, freight invoice auditing and payment, are 24/7 services we offer online. Relax and concentrate on your own business objectives. Our team and technology with take care of your transportation.


USCS TMS® keeps your eyes on everything

USCS TMS® is our cutting-edge proprietary transportation management system. It plans and monitors the hundreds of daily shipping activities at our facilities. This technology performs masterful transportation tasks for clients.

USCS TMS® Includes:
• Outbound freight consolidation (LTL shipping) services
• Truckload management programs
• Freight rate analysis
• Distribution network analysis and optimization
• Carrier management
• Appointment scheduling with shipping activities
• Carrier payment
• Interface with other USCS information systems


A cost effective, schedule friendly, less-than-truckload logistics solution.

At USCS, we can often match compatible product and destination requirements to consolidate truckloads for significant customer savings.

USCS strictly qualifies these shared carriers. Only reputable carriers with certified insurance and proper authority deliver orders. Our transportation team continuously monitors all phases of shipment so it gets there cost-effectively and on time.

USCS offers one of the largest, most flexible, reliable consolidation programs in the Public Refrigerated Warehouse (PRW) industry. We’ll find the most cost effective network for outside storage and distribution based on where you manufacture and the customer locations you need to deliver too.

By building smarter, more efficient pools, we can pass the cost savings to our customers.


Transport created for the ease of doing business

United States Cold Storage, through USCS Transport, offers shuttle service from manufacturing locations to USCS distribution centers. This service was created purely to make your logistics lives easier, with one partner for both transportation and warehousing. Our pricing is competitive. The equipment is top of the line. And our drivers and team handle every detail with efficiency and care.


Your product’s where and when, whenever you need it

All shipments using USCS’ outbound freight consolidation or USCS Logistics transportation services are continuously monitored with information updates available to customers 24/7. We work in concert with carriers every mile of the journey to make sure you know where it is and when it’s coming. This information is always available to you through eUSCOLD® online or EDI communication via the 214 transaction (which automatically triggers when orders are updated).


An innovative path to ideal distribution

We dream of improving our customer’s distribution. One way is through our supply chain network modeling services, which help determine the ideal network for your company’s needs.

This proprietary software program analyzes customer specific information, such as delivery timing, carrier rates, mileage, and production facility location. Then it adds USCS warehouse locations, current freight consolidation routes and rates.

The result: recommendations for the best logistics network in terms of cost efficiency and product movement.
This model produces results. Its helps customers strategically locate Distribution Centers, reduce the number of warehouses used, reduce transportation costs and optimize order flow. It’s also projected customer cost savings within USCS freight consolidation programs.

Every customer’s needs are unique. We’ll help you figure out the most effective supply chain network for your company, which can improve both your product turn and overall customer service. Distribution dreams do come true.

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