It isn’t just safety first. It’s safety always.

In 2014, we implemented a situational awareness program to address the most common injury cause – not paying attention to surroundings.  In true USCS fashion, employees have taken the program’s four steps to heart. Wallet cards and posters help drive home the safety first message. Moving cautiously, keeping an eye out for hazards, and obtaining the proper knowledge, training and equipment have kept our employees safety focused.

Safe working environments are never subject to compromise at USCS. From how we operate our facilities, to the way we train our employees, to emergency protocols – our commitment to health and safety will always rule. We wouldn’t be best in class if we didn’t do everything to mitigate risk and safeguard the people, products and facilities that help make USCS what we are today.

Safety dedication is paying off.

USCS employees achieved a record breaking year for safety performance in 2015!!!  We measured the lowest total recordable and DART injury rates in our companywide record keeping history (2006).   In 2015 the USCS total recordable injury rate met our 10 % reduction goal from the previous year.    We are truly best in class, with a total recordable injury rate and lost time rate 33% and 49% below published industry average rates respectively.

The company had 21 locations with ZERO lost-time injuries. In addition, there were seven locations with ZERO recordable injuries. Those locations were Harrisonburg, VA; Fresno, CA; Milford, DE; Warsaw, NC; Lebanon, IN; Syracuse, UT; as well as the company’s Voorhees, NJ, headquarters.

Food Safety and Quality are important to USCS.

Our food safety programs are continuing the momentum. BRC certification, a GFSI program, has streamlined our food safety and quality systems. We currently have multiple facilities certified and will continue to use the BRC standard to drive continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Employee and Food Safety are Some of Our Greatest Responsibilities.

Employee and food safety are unwavering philosophies here. We will continue to set aggressive goals to reduce injuries, with zero injuries being the ultimate target that we look forward to reporting. With our ongoing safety investments in training, facilities and programs we’ll see that day soon.

SLAM encourages workers to:

STOP            – Engage your mind before your hands and evaluate the task. Think about the hazards associated with the task.
LOOK           – At the workplace and find the hazards to you and your team mates.
ASSESS       – The effects that the hazards have on your and your co-workers. Ask yourself if you have the knowledge, training and tools to do the task safely. 
MANAGE   – The task and obtain what you need to do it safely. Notify your supervisor if you need help.