Tim Herm

  • Proprietary TaskmasterTM WMS with RF/Bar Code scanning
  • EDI communications
  • eUSCOLD® Online Services for 24/7 access to account information
  • USCS LogisticsTM transportation management services with outbound freight consolidation
  • 13.4 million cubic feet of convertible temp space
  • Capacity of more than 47,000 racked variable height pallets
  • Temperatures ranging from -20ºF to +55ºF
  • Ultra low temperature storage
  • Modern refrigeration technology computer monitored and managed
  • 54 truck dock doors and 10 rail doors
  • 60 ft. wide refrigerated shipping/receiving dock
  • Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific Railroad service
  • Intermodel service provided by BethIntermodel
  • Just-in-time order assembly
  • Off-production services including packaging and labeling
  • Re-pack and re-work capabilities
  • Case picking & order assembly
  • Slip sheet loading/unloading
  • Stretch wrapping palletized orders
  • USDA/FDA Inspection Services & documentation
  • Customized distribution programs
  • USCS TransportTM shuttle services move products quickly
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