At USCS, our technology is changing the supply chain game.

USCS IT is constantly evolving to meet customer needs for storage, transportation, logistics and tracking. From the state-of-the-art systems in our warehouses to unparalleled system integration – every advancement we make is designed to create efficiency, heighten security, create value and make sure our client’s products are always where they need to be.

The investment we make in our proprietary technology and the people who run is a commitment we will never waver on. It’s keeps our clients a step ahead. Exactly where we want them to be.

Please take a look at all the innovative technology our clients take advantage of.

The USCS warehouse management system (WMS) integrates the work done for warehouse shipping/receiving, inventory management, product rotation and order selection. TaskmasterTM takes it to the next level.

Taskmaster takes the warehouse activity information programmed in, organizes it to create the most efficient flow, then automatically assigns tasks to save time and resources. Productivity analysis is performed constantly.

The result is a system that performs every duty, and helps our clients pro-actively find the best warehouse solutions.

A real-time product tracking and efficiency wonder

Radio Frequency (RF) tracking is a benefit in real-time. As pallets and cases carrying this bar code move, our client’s data moves into our IT system. Product is instantly found, quickly transported and inventory tracks easily.

Every cubic inch is measured in our industry. RF bring efficiency every space it’s in.

Assembling complex orders in the most efficient way

Voice-directed order assembly is an essential capability for complex orders. RF transmissions communicate instructions to our staff for locating, selecting and building these orders. It creates incredible focus for our team. And for our clients, the accuracy and efficiency brings value for their unique requests.

Your supply chain on demand

eUSCOLD is our secure information site with real-time inventory status and order tracking across the entire USCS network. eUSCOLD fully integrates with our WMS and TMS systems, giving customers 24/7 access to inventory details, shipment status, order placement and custom on-demand reports. Every detail is in place to analyze, learn, apply, and move forward.

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• Inventory • Product Detail Master • Schedule
• Stock Shortage • Receipt Verification • Order Verification
• Lot History • Pallet Exchange Status • Order Details
• Shipping Instructions • Order Confirmation • Order Modification
• Status • Product Age Analysis • Orders / Pending /Shipped
• Receipt / Delivery Confirmation • Product Recall • Inventory Activity
• Inspection Status • Stock Shortage • Order Status
• Confirm Warehouse Pickup • Updated Delivery Appointments • Outbound Consolidation Delivery Confirmation

Frequently Asked Questions:

What hardware/software do I need to access eUSCOLD®?
You will need a personal computer with Internet access, E-mail address and browser software Explorer 4 or greater. We suggests a connection speed of at least 36,000 bps for greater performance.

What level of security does the system have?
eUSCOLD® is protected with the latest 128 bit encryption technology, secure passwords, and user ID’s ensuring access only to pre-authorized users

How often is data updated?
Real-time information is extracted from our in-house warehouse management and transportation database. 

Is the report data in an easy to use format?
All reports can be downloaded into a format that can easily be read using the most common database and spreadsheet programs. Presently the reports can be sent in either Excel (CSV) or HTML formats.

What should I do if I have a question or problem operating eUSCOLD® services?
Each of the screens has a help button explaining purpose, terminology and step-by-step instructions on how to perform the functions. The Help link is located on the top right hand part of the toolbar. If you need additional help you can e-mail us at, or you can call the USCS SuperUser at the facility where your account is located.

Innovative technology for transportation needs

Our proprietary transportation management system (TMS) manages the movement of products as well any in the industry. TMS can seamlessly coordinate load tendering, appointment scheduling, shipping, carrier relationship management and other transportation-related activities. It fully integrates with eUSCOLD and USCS WMS to creates supply chain technology foundation that gives our customers a custom control center built on efficiency and results.

A custom data exchange where the light is always green

Every partnership we have deserves custom service. EDI (electronic data interchange) helps us communicate information quickly, efficiently and securely with our clients, the way they need it.

End-to-end efficiency for distribution center tracking

RFID (radio frequency identification) is an advanced way for customers to manage order flow and resources within the warehouse. Cases and pallets with RFID tags are instantly captured in the system, always ready to move, the accuracy is incredible, and it all works to create smoother facility movement. We have many RFID services available to our clients.

Product protection that sets a cold standard

There are so many variables that go into the refrigerated storage of our client’s products. Our Computerized Refrigeration Control System (CRCS) handles them all. It takes on all the functions of an industrial refrigeration system, monitors them, optimizes them, and even records historical control data for reference. The depth of the detail this technology handles is amazing. Our clients truly get a state-of-the-art refrigerated storage experience.


We’re committed to the environment’s wellbeing

USCS is committed to using eco-friendly refrigeration technology. We’ll build modern facilities with industry-leading safeguards for the environment. And we’ll continue to responsibly manage resources to meet the evolving requirements of the communities we serve – our customers, our employees and our industry.


Carbon FootPrint Monitoring and Reduction

USCS voluntarily participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a global effort to collect and report on corporate climate change information and strategies. We benchmark our yearly performance to drive future improvements.

Our overall sustainability goal is to be ‘Best in Class’ and achieve a 1.5 percent year over year reduction in energy usage. It’s working. We’ve reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions every year since 2005.

Alternative Energy Sources

USCS is constantly on the lookout for products that produce ‘clean’ energy. We found a great one. In September 2008, we installed our first solar array at our Tulare, California warehouse. The Tulare Solar Array offsets 14% of the facility’s annual electricity requirements – energy that would otherwise come from traditional electricity sources with higher emissions.

The program’s success is generating more investment in solar arrays over the next 5 years.

USCS is also actively studying wind energy and stationary fuel cell power plants. Both produce the clean energy our environment deserves.

Water Reduction

In 2006, USCS established a historical baseline for water use and waste water generation. We’re benchmarking its progress, and targeting a 1.5 percent reduction per year.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Refrigeration and warehouse us 90% of the electricity for our warehouses. We’re reducing this figure by retrofitting existing warehouses and building new facilities with energy-efficient, advanced technology features. These include:

  • CO2 Cascade refrigeration systems
  • Bi-level fluorescent and Pulse Start HID Lighting
  • Variable Frequency Drives on evaporators and condensers
  • High efficiency motor s and electronic starters
  • High efficiency evaporator and condenser design
  • Highly-reflective white roof membranes
  • High speed bi-parting freezer doors
  • Energy optimized refrigeration control systems
  • High frequency battery chargers
  • Continuous Pit Dock Door Design
  • LED lighting in docks & freezers
Recycling and Waste Reduction

In 2008, USCS mandated the conversion to recyclable synthetic refrigeration oil. In 2009, we began a partnership with Environmental Waste Solutions to measure waste generation, identify and employ new recycling sources and methods, and introduce new disposal and recycling technologies.