Midwest Region Using “Check-Shield” to Promote Safety

Midwest Region Using “Check-Shield” Punch Card to Promote Safety

Many people might associate progressive punch cards with restaurant “eat-and-earn” promotions. For example, buy a sub sandwich or an ice cream, have your ticket punched for that purchase—and eventually collect enough punches to earn free food.

Here’s a case where USCS is using the same idea—but in an “act-and-earn” format. That is, USCS Midwest Region employees now have “Check-Shield” punch cards.

When an individual performs a safe act, that individual can be nominated by a colleague for a punch in the card.  The idea is to recognize and reward those who demonstrate what it means to:


… be safe

… be helpful

… take initiative

… be engaged

… be a leader

… show dedication

During a facility’s monthly Safety Committee meeting, safety team members review and vote on nominations.  If the act is “punch-worthy,” those safety team members recognize the employee and punch out the letter of the coordinating trait.

Once halfway through the card, an employee earns a safety check pin.  When the card is full, employees receive a more significant recognition (such as new safety gear or a reward gift, along with a certificate).

After USCS’ “Check-Shield” program debuted in the Midwest, USCS Lebanon, IN, introduced the punch-card component. The underlying premise is that safety is not a top-down program. For programs such as “Check-Shield” to be effective, they need to involve all associates in the warehouse and involve peer-to-peer recognition and nominations. A significant benefit, for example, is that USCS Lebanon now has more than 80 people looking out and watching for safe acts—rather than only those on the safety committee and the leadership team.

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