US Cold Storage Hosts Fresno Food Expo Board

United States Cold Storage was proud to host this month’s Fresno Food Expo Board of Directors meeting at US Cold’s Fresno Office. Rod Noll, Senior Vice President Western Region, serves on the Board and is an active supporter of the Fresno Food Expo’s mission.

The Fresno Food Expo Board requested Rod Noll and Jason Smoyer, Regional Manager Western Region, to provide an update as to how US Cold Storage is aligning with the vision of the upcoming Expo and to expand on the story of food growing, processing, and manufacturing in the Central Valley. Jason and Rod also shared how US Cold supports and services the industry throughout the Central Valley.

In addition, US Cold recently redesigned their regional office and integrated the Fresno Food Expo into their branding initiatives as a show of their support and solidarity.

This years Fresno Food Expo is July 26-27 and takes place at the Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center. Click below to learn more or to register:

The Fresno Food Expo provides a platform that increases the commerce and connectivity of Central California food and beverage related companies, while creating a regional identity centered around the celebration of food production and the experience food inspires. More than just a trade show, Fresno Food Expo is developing a strong and vibrant food community in the Central Valley Region by connecting foods, people and companies who thrive there.

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