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Congratulations Fred Nomelli for RefrigiWear’s “Warehousemen of the Year” Award

Each year, RefrigiWear recognizes the outstanding men and women who work in our industry by holding their “International Warehouseman of the Year” Awards.  US Cold Storage is proud to announce Fred Nomelli in Tracy, CA is a recipient of this year’s award.

No one exemplifies dedication, drive and positivity more than Lift Operator, Fred Nomelli. He is the team cheerleader, always making sure they are in high spirits no matter what the challenge they might be facing in the coming shift.

He makes sure the workload is completed fully but also in a way that sets the next shift up for success. Most impressively, after surviving a workplace accident that almost cost him a leg, he returned to work as a chipper and energetic as ever. He became a safety advocate and helped get important safety procedures outlined and implemented to prevent future accidents. He continues to look for new ways to improve productivity and safety.

“People that work in these intense environments are responsible for helping keeping our food safe,” says Ron Breakstone, President and CEO at RefrigiWear. “They often work in subzero temperatures for long periods of time, and it is their commitment to quality, excellence and safety that we celebrate with this award.”

The winners were selected from hundreds of nominations based on their leadership, productivity, ingenuity and attitude. RefrigiWear will showcase the Warehousemen of the Year on the company’s website and in the 2017 RefrigiWear Calendar.

Congratulations Fred!